General Note

When dealing with commands that require usernames as arguments, please be aware that double '@'s are required to specify users whose names start with '@.' This is to prevent from executing actions on the wrong listener in the event two people have the same name -- one with the '@' and one without.

Input History

TurntableCli will track the last 100 entries you made into the chat box. You can navigate these entires similar to a nix-based shell by pressing the up and down arrows while the chat input field has focus.

Pressing escape will clear the input provided the suggest popup is not active. Ctrl-c will do the same, however any text in the input box will be added to the input history.

Moderator Commands

/boot <users...> /<reason>

Will promptly boot specified users without prompting for confirmation or reason.


/boot @user1 @@user2

Boots user1 and @user2 without a specified reason

/boot @user1 @@user2 /Stop spamming.

Boots user1 and @user2 with a specified reason of 'Stop spamming.'

/removedj <positions> AND /removedj <names>

Will promptly remove DJs specified by name or specified by DJ position. Note that you can only use names or positions exclusively during a single use of the command.


/removedj 1

Removes the very first DJ

/removedj @user1 @@user2

Removes user1 and @user2 from deck assuming they are DJ's.

User Commands


Awesomes the current song


Clears the chat log


Lames the current song


Toggles sound muting.

/pm <users>

Starts a PM conversation with the specified users


/pm @user1

Starts a private message conversation with user1.


Removes you from the decks.


Skips your current song.


Snags the current song and places it in your queue.

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